Todd Arsenault

name Todd is a computer technician in the Moncton area who specializes in system cleanups.
Todd has recently launched a new site dedicated to Internet Marketing at to help everyone learn about marketing online and making money with their websites.
Todd has also been playing electric guitar for over 20 years.
He offers tutorials and lessons on how to learn to play guitar at his Guitar website.

Learn to Play Guitar - Pinch Harmonics and Making Your Guitar Scream

15th February 2006
In this article I'll explain how to make your guitar squeal with Pinch Harmonics. A lot of guitarists have trouble learning how to do these, but it's really a simple technique.I'm going to touch on all types of harmonics in an effort to explain how Pinch... Read >

Guitar Speed Picking and Synchronizing Your Hands

15th February 2006
So how do you get faster with your picking? How do you get both your hands synchronized when you play guitar? A few simple exercises are all it takes. That and the proper guitar practice methods. In this article I'm going to demystify the whole process. ... Read >